FOLIE à Bali

Rest assured, the only thing French about this post is its title. No need to get a tab with Google Translate ready.

It’s been a bit more than 2 weeks since I’ve been back from an amazing trip to Bali , and I’m already missing that very special place… And even more its different food and cuisines.

Folie - me eating
Holidays: Eat all the foods, drink all the booze, take all the snaps

During my time there, I had the chance to try a huge variety of dishes; both local and international. But one of the most unique food experiences I had was at FOLIE Bali  – an exquisite and refreshing sit-down restaurant and patisserie.

Folie - menu

At the corner of a busy Canggu Street this modern and chic bistrot gives off this very cool exotic vibe; while led by Chef Stephane Simon who makes sure he personally interacts with his guests.

Folie- drink
The Coconut Mint, an alcohol-free drink with coconut water.

The cuisine here brings together traditional French gastronomie with feisty Asian flavours.

My friends and I went there around midday, and since had had a late morning and breakfast on that day, I thought to myself that I’d have ‘something light’ for lunch… Yeah right.

Folie - dessert closeup
FOLIE earns more brownie points with those very Instagrammable desserts!
Folie - Baba au rhum
The Baba oozing with rum, YUM!

It only took one peak at the lunch menu and at the dessert cabinet to change my mind…

Folie - top view food
Food, or what holidays are really about

We ended up having a small buffet of various dishes that we shared: A very fresh Gruyère salad with bacon and walnuts, the best French Onion soup, French Fries with mayo and parmesan, a Croque-Monsieur …

I eventually lost count of the food ordered; I started eating.

And for dessert, those not-so-guilty pleasures: Hazlenut éclair, Baba au rhum, grape cheesecake and raspberry and grapefruit mousse.

Folie - top view dessert
From top left to bottom right: Grape cheesecake, Raspberry and grapefruit mousse, Hazelnut éclair and Baba au rhum.
Folie cheesecake
A buttery base, with crumbly bits holding rich cheesecake with a tangy centre.

Till next time, and the next moment of FOLIE…

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