Cheesecakes, or the debate that bakes us crazy!

Our world is full of polarising debates; should Hermione have ended up with Harry? Are you team Britney or Christina? Do you put ketchup all over your fries or do you just have it on the side for dipping? How should Oreos be eaten? Do you split it apart or do you bite straight into it?


The debate that has me going at the moment though is: Which is best? The baked or the unbaked cheesecake?

Since I started my cake business, I’ve been having request from people who wanted to buy cheesecakes. It’s all well and good until you ask them which one they’d prefer: the baked or unbaked version. Quite often people don’t know the difference between both types and ask me ‘Which one’s better?’

giphy (1)

My answer is usually pretty simple: It depends on your personal preferences.

I know, I know this doesn’t really help.

This is precisely why I am writing this post because all cheesecakes are NOT made equal.

Here we go…


While they both use the same ingredients the baked and unbaked cheesecakes clearly produce different end results. It is therefore fair to say that there is not one that’s better than the other. It all depends on what you like! In fact how amazing is it be able to enjoy the same dessert in multiple ways, right?

FYI, it is only in 1872 that the cream cheese as we know it today was accidentally invented and before that the history of the making of the cheesecake show that it originates from the Greek island of Samos, 2000 B.C. (!)

Since then, different cultures have had different ways of making cheese cakes, using different cheeses like ricotta or mascarpone like in Italy. But the American version which is baked and which uses cream cheese, like Philadelphia, is the one we are most familiar with.

So if you have to choose between the baked or the unbaked cheesecake, my advice is to pick which ever one you’re more likely to fancy.

Easy peasy, right? Now go and try aaaall the cheesecakes this world has to offer!

Are you more a baked or no-bake cheesecake person?

P.S: My fav is usually the baked cheesecake.


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